Saturday, December 21, 2013

Game: GeoVoyager

Inventor Phileas Fogg made ​​a trip around the world in 80 days. Such travel now you can make from the comfort of home or while standing in line for bread! Find out about the most unusual places and sights, explore the flags of the world, and most importantly test your knowledge - all this is now possible with the new fun game GeoVoyager.

In the game you will be available 8 different locations: Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia, Russia, Australia and, of course, the Whole World. In each of the locations, you can test yourself on the knowledge Capitals or Flags of all countries. Sure, you can search Countries. Want to complicate the task? Select the type of game: Sights or Cities and will be opened for you all the secret places of our planet. For real geographers exist Mixed game, combining all types of games.

Game rules are very simple: 10 seconds per question, 3-5 questions in level, 7 levels. Go for it! The nearer will be your answer to the correct, the more scores you gain.

Game GeoVoyager accompanied pleasant, relaxing music that attracts you into a world of secrets and mysteries of our planet during the whole game.

Explore geography, check your knowledge of the game, share your results with friends and engages in the top best players! And all this without leaving home, in traffic, at the store, wherever you want kill time! With GeoVoyager you know where is located the Bermuda Triangle, what place is the oldest in Thailand, and as far away from you is located Esperance.

GeoVoyager - but how well do you know our planet?

Review: GeoVoyager - Screenshot
Review: GeoVoyager - Screenshot

Review: GeoVoyager - Screenshot


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