Monday, September 17, 2012

Game: Tarabanya

Review: Tarabanya
Tarabanya - the first game released by Snowpard for mobile platform Android. This game will be for you not just another talking characters as well living pet. Let's look at the main differences from other similar applications. 

Rabbit's mood

Pet as a living person. Can have fun when he's happy, as well can strongly grow sad - when his hurt and did not play with him. The game has 5 pet’s states: a very sad, sad, normal, happy and very happy mood. Depending on his mood, Tarabanya will perform various animation.
To cheer up the rabbit, have to communicate with him, feed him and entertain. Additional share of fun pet will receive after the daily achievements.
Upset Tarabanya simpler: enough longer don't play with him, don't talk and don't entertain him. After a while, his mood will deteriorate. If you do not go into the game a few days, the pet at all upset. Hare also can hurt, hitting 3 times on the head.

Music game

Besides the usual interactions with the pet you can still play in the music game. Purpose of the game: you need to press buttons in sequence by playing rhythmic music. So you know which buttons to press and when, on the screen from top to bottom down symbols corresponding to the four gaming buttons.
If you scored the maximum number of points, then the next game will be harder.

Animated background

Rabbit can be in various places, whether it is a barn, a night forest or snowy glade. In addition, for different locations will be available to their animated action.
For example: in the barn can sweep the floor, on a snowy glade to play in the snow in the garden to eat a pear, and a forest glade enjoy the smell of flowers.
In addition, each background is animated: spider coming down on the web, descending snowflakes, lost fireflies or fluttering butterflies.

Daily achievements

In the game there are tasks that must be performed to pet has been even more fun. Each new day is tasks changing.

Review: Tarabanya - ScreenshotReview: Tarabanya - ScreenshotReview: Tarabanya - Screenshot


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