Sunday, September 16, 2012


Site of company Snowpard. This site is dedicated to all the development of our company. You can find the latest news about new games or their updates, explore already developed the game or view the best players. Registered users can view their results and achievements in games.

The site has a form for customer support, through which you can send your suggestions or questions about the games.
In the section "Games" you can find a full description of the game, the difference between free and paid versions, view the gallery of screenshots, download links, and a list of all the changes that have occurred in the game. For some games there is a detailed FAQ on the game.
For games where possible publication scores, there is the section "Best players".


For now developed 3 games:
  • Tarabanya - talking pet. He repeats your speech his funny voice. You can play and talk with him.
  • Tower of Masters - puzzle game in which players will cope with the challenges six masters of magic towers.
  • Brain Land - logical game, which contains 5 interesting puzzles. In this game the player must answer the questions of different subjects.


For game "Tower of Master" and "Brain Land" player can publish his scores and compete with other players for the lead in the list of best players. The lists are available as information on all games, and for a particular game.
For registered players opens the section "Records", which shows the scores in all games.


For the game "Tower of the Masters" authorized player can see their achievements in the game. Detailed description of achievements and set for them is present in the game. The site shows only the status of achievement.